How can I sync multiple folders to the cloud?

Erlis D June 16, 2014
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Is it possible to share different folders to a custom location with windows? Many of us use Dropbox, Google Drive and many more to share files. But there is no option to add “multi folder” syncing.

Let’s take dropbox for example. The default folder location to sync is at: “C:\Users\Dropbox”. What if I want to add other folders in other location that I want to sync? There is no option for that for any cloud service (as far as I know).

I was wondering — since there is no option to add multi location — can you share from Windows itself? As we know, we can share a folder with other users by right-clicking share with > Specific people…
Is it possible to add another option, like: Share with Dropbox. Or even make Dropbox look like a “user”.
I was also thinking, is there any way to edit the Network Path of a folder, by adding multi paths (if you right click on a folder, properties > sharing; you will see the network path). I think by editing or adding a path will share a folder with a specified location.

To conclude, I was thinking all this for one purpose: not having to copy folders (or move them), to the dropbox folder. Copying folders will result in more drive space filled. Moving them it’s not an option, because I want the folders in the location I already have.

Don’t recommend me software like ‘Dropbox Sync Folder’ or the likes. What they do is that they create a ‘link’ to the original location, moving the original folder to the dropbox location and keeping the file properties. If you click on folder properties you will see it as a normal folder, not a link. And also the size is the same. But actually what it is doing is showing you the properties of the folder in the Dropbox location, not the “link”.

If I am wrong about it, please tell me!

Thanks in advance!

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