Can ‘sloppy shutdowns’ on Windows XP slow down or corrupt the operating system?

Joe Videtto May 19, 2012
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I work in a school where students and teachers (sometimes even myself) engage in non-controlled shutdowns of Windows XP machines for the sake of time. School guidelines direct shutdown of the machines, and students and teachers want to work to the last second.

Sloppy shutdowns include:
1.) pressing the power button and holding it until the PC goes off

2.) Shutting the power strip power button, which has plugged into it the Computer base and CRT for 4 PC’s.

Can these types of activities slow down or corrupt the machines running Windows XP ? How about Windows 7 or Ubuntu?

Finally – is there an inexpensive program that can be used to turn all the 30 lab machines off with one command?

Thanks in advance,

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