How can I regain access to my Hotmail account?

29 Jun 2014
Safari 6
29 Jun 2014 | Mac | Safari 6

I have not been able to access my Hotmail account for quite some time now. I now need to gain access to it for a personal issue. I have the password for it and I have multiple passwords I can provide as well as who I’ve contacted what sites I’ve signed up for who my contacts are etc. However, I still cannot gain access to my account. It says:

“It seems someone else maybe accessing your account, to ensure only you access it we need you to verify some things “

So I get to email options, one I have access to so I can change my password on the account I can’t access. I change my password to the account but then it still wants me to verify with another email account I no longer remember or use. I’ve filled out the questionnaire but still can’t gain access to it. I’ve chatted with lots of people and nothing comes of it except oh talk to this department or sorry you’re out of luck. I made this email account when I was very young and I need to gain access to it for a criminal court case, for evidence against a sexual abusive predator.

How can I gain access to my email account? I have it on a old iPod but can’t gain access to it –  only see some of the old emails. I wanted to upgrade it to a premium account because at this point I do not care about the cost I just care about protecting others from what’s happened to me, and this is the only evidence I have.

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