Can my Sony Vaio be upgraded to 8GB of RAM?
Question by Anar Uguumur /
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I have a laptop model VAIO VPCEA16FG
Currently I have 4 GB of RAM via two 2GB memory chips. I’d like to upgrade it to at least 8, or 16 would be best.
My operating system is windows 7 x64 home edition.
If I install windows 8 ultimate will it allow me to install two 8GB memory chips?

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Answers (9)
  • Dhaval Patel

    i will prefer nokia... samsung is also good, but nokia also providing you extended warranty plans....

  • DalSan Mack

    Although the websites like Crucial says 8GB is maximum (2x4GB), they only mention what the manufacturer provides them. There is no guarantee that 8GB modules will work per slot and I haven't found any user in my search that says that 8GB modules will or will not work, but there is a possibility. I have an Acer Aspire One AO722-0473 netbook that has 2 memory slots (1 dummy slot so only 1 memory slot usable) and the maximum that Acer and memory sellers state is 4GB RAM. Many have tried and installed an 8GB module and the system recognizes the total amount as usable. Does this mean that your system will be able to do the same? No, but there is that chance that it could. Honestly, though, 8GB is plenty unless you plan on using Photoshop, video editors, and/or virtual machines extensively.

  • Junil Maharjan

    according to the spec page of your laptop it can be upgraded to 8 GB of RAM.

  • Nitesh Badala

    you can upgrade your RAM anytime 8GB but it is not good for your laptop because your other component does not support very much effectively as supporting now.

    • Anar Uguumur

      hii ty for your post..
      u mean ram brands are doesn't match with vaio laptop well? if so which brand is best one?

  • prashanth singh rathore

    yes you can upgrade it.........!!

  • Tanveer Ahmed

    Yes you can Upgrade RAM to 8 GB,
    any 64-bit windows will allow you to install 8 GB of RAM

  • Imesh Chandrasiri

    yes you can upgrade to 8GB of memory! but not more than that!

  • ha14

    sony Vaio VPCEA16FG Laptop Memory
    Standard Memory 4096MB Removable
    Maximum Memory 8GB
    Number of Slots 2 Slots (2 Banks of 1)

    Crucial® Memory Advisor results for the Sony VAIO VPCEA16FG Laptop/Notebook.

    i think total you can have 8GB

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