Can my phone replace a WiFi adapter to connect my PC to my router?

Garris Rago March 31, 2013
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So I broke my wireless adapter the other week. I’m waiting for one in the post, that parts sorted – I’m trying to cope in the mean time!

I tether 3G internet connection off my mobile phone via USB cable, just for bare minimum things like emails and Facebook (i.e. not gaming, hi-res streaming) but I’m trying to access a few things that I can’t, like steam. I assume this is because there’s not enough bandwidth from my phone, well I don’t know the exact technical phrases but “there’s not enough internet” is what I assume – I’m not great with this kind of stuff!

What I would like to do, or at least try, is use my phone to connect my PC to my router, which could then use my normal internet connection? Just saying at this point Ethernet connection is out of the question for this scenario. Perhaps this wouldn’t help at all, I would like to give it a shot. I’ve had a little look around but can’t find if there is a way.

Just to reiterate, I would like your help finding a way to use my phone to connect my PC to my router in order to use my ‘regular internet’ (not 3G).

Thanks in advance for responses!

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