Can I use a USB Cable to connect my MacBook to my HDTV?
Question by Adriana Ioina /

Can I use a USB Cable to connect my MacBook to my HDTV?

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Answers (6)

    Hello, short answer is no.

  • Kannon Y

    You can use a USB port (not a cable) to transfer video, but most definitely not a cable. Here’s an example of an adapter that will let you output video from the USB port:

    That’s probably not what you were looking for, though.

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy way of getting your Macbook to connect to a modern TV (HDTV), I would suggest getting a proprietary Mac HDMI adapter (I believe they require this in order to connect) and an HDMI cable. Why Apple didn’t include an HDMI port on the Macbook is quite confusing. Amazon charges a lot less for these cables than does the Macstore.

    HDMI includes both sound and video signals, so one cable (plus the adapter) will do the job nicely. There are other alternatives to HDMI cables, including HDI.

    Here’s a video of someone connecting their Macbook through HDMI cable to their TV.

  • Ray Randall

    NO. Apple makes you buy proprietary connectors to do external video. I don’t think it can do HD, best you can get is Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter …$ 29

  • Mario Liptaj

    You need an HDMI to Mini DisplayPort adapter. Another option will be AirPlay mirroring with OS X Mountain Lion. You’ll need an AppleTV for that.

  • James Bruce

    Absolutely not. USB doesn’t carry video, simple as that. The tv can use USB for storage;your pc can’t send video on USB. Use an HDMi cable, most modern laptops have an HDMi port.

  • Bruce Epper

    Probably not. Most HDTVs that have USB ports expect to see a storage device only. A computer will not present as a storage device on the interface.

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