Can I transfer my old Facebook Page posts onto my new one?
Question by Amy Scott /
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I created a new business Facebook Page, as my old one was mistakenly created under my personal Facebook page. Now I want to get my old timeline posts and videos to the new one. How can I?

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Answers (14)
  • sohail ahmad

    i want my old page form facebok to create a new page ya new vrisen to convart

  • munna kumar tiwari

    I forget password of old account so i want to that email adress and that name from creat new account

  • Anupa Somasiri

    Contact Facebook support and see if they can help you. Otherwise, it can only be done by reposting every post. Good luck.

  • Micheal

    i dont think you can.

  • brenobs

    no, but you can reenter photos and milestones and change their dates. it's a little work, but the posts will be on the new account looking like the old one

  • Rubis Song

    Yes, actually you can. But it's a long process because it's not done automatically. You need, from your old account go to Account Settings" and download all your information. When it's complete, unzip the file and upload everything to your new Facebook page. It's a long process because to have all your timeline you'll have to upload each element individually and set the correct time. Good luck!

    • amado cadiiong

      pls transfer all my picture from my old facebook account to my newly created facebook account cause it was hacked.. huhuhu.. its so sad..

    • susendeep dutta

      Firstly,you'll need to secure your hacked account i.e. take control over it by visiting the link below -

      then you can download all of your Facebook photos by -

      How to download Facebook photos

      After that,you'll need to upload all those photos to your new Facebook account.

  • Switchblade Rebirth

    It's possible to convert your personal account into a page. Check FB help for more info.

  • ha14

    How to Create a New Facebook Account & Move Everything to the New Account

  • Yiz Borol

    I don't think it is currently possible to transfer content created under one account to another.

    You can try contacting facebook support and speaking to someone there about it, but I doubt they will care enough to help you. In fact I doubt there is anyone at facebook who's job description includes helping users do this type of thing, they just don't care enough.

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