Can I run both Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender at the same time?
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If it’s possible to run both, any benefits?

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Answers (6)
  • Mihovil Pletikos

    all antivirus programs disable windows defender by default, and you can’t change that…. but why would you want to have multiple antivirus/malware programs? they would just interfere with each other…. so select one option and use it…. i am using mse/ now defender in w8 for several years and it works good, i never had any problem with viruses…..

  • Rajaa Chowdhury

    I suggest why don’t you try Comodo Internet Security Premium. It contains a very capable firewall (much better than the windows firewall), a very good antivirus, spyware and malware protection. You get a integrated interface. I have been using it and am pretty satisfied with it capabilities. It is free of cost product.


    Security essentials already includes windows defender therefore whenever security essentials is installed, it disables windows defender.

  • Chris Hoffman

    ha14 is correct. You can’t because MSE disables Windows Defender during installation.

    Here’s a fun fact: In Windows 8, MSE is included by default but it’s now named “Windows Defender”. Think of Microsoft Security Essentials as a superset of Windows Defender — it’s like a better, improved Windows Defender.

    • Bruce Epper

      For proper use of the AV interfaces in Windows, disabling Windows Defender is the default behavior when installing any AV product (or it is supposed to be), not just MSE.

  • ha14

    windows defender feature is included in microsoft security essentials so will be turned off during installation.

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