Can I remove Internet Explorer and use Chrome on Windows 8?
Question by Terry Brock /
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I will be getting a new laptop in the next few days with Windows 8 but I don’t want to use Internet Explorer, I prefer chrome. Can I remove Internet Explorer and download Chrome with no problems?

Thanks, Terry

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Answers (36)
  • suneo nobi

    No,because Int Explorer is shipped with windows(inbuilt).It is ntecessary for connecting to the web.But you can use Chrome along with Int Explorer with no problems

  • Ihtisham ul haq haq

    You felt more reliability and ease using chrome than IE.

  • Switchblade Rebirth

    If by uninstall, no. Just leave it alone and install chrome I suggest.


    Hello, you can disablel internet explorer if you like but you do not have too. You can disable it by using the "turn the windows features on/off" located in the Programs and features section.

    You do not have to disable internet explorer in order for you to use a different browser. You can just download your browser of choice an install it. Only thing you have to do is make sure to set your browser of choice as default, that way internet explorer will not open as default.

  • SoftwareDemons

    Of course you can, you can keep both browsers as well and make Chrome as default browser.

  • babu vhora

    No, You can't Remove intenet explorer but you can disable:
    Try this:
    (1)press F1 on desktop
    (2)in search box type"turn windows features on or off"
    (3)click from 1 answer

    read it and follow,you can also any other windows features off.

    You can install chrome on windows 8 and after than you can use it as a default browser and launch it in a windows 8 mode.

  • Newell Fisk

    My advice, don't get windows 8... its horrible

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    It's like a hub of answering community. It's like infinite loop of answers even after the issue is resolved. Terry Brock told that his issue is resolved but every one is posting irrelevant answers. Please stop it. I also recommend Terry to mark the question as Solved. Thanks

  • Thomas Milham

    You should never disable IE (not matter how much you hate it) because it is used as a core part in windows, especially Win8 with so much on the framework using IE...

  • Vhora Rizwan

    You can use chrome as a default browser.

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