Can I remotely control any smart TVs using screen sharing software?
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Hi – I’m about to buy a new smart TV for my 75 year-old mom. She can send an email, after taking computer lessons for 1 year at her local senior center. She learned to do this on Gmail – and every time they change the location and position of buttons, she is out-of-business for many months until she can learn the new button locations.

My mom needs a new TV, and she would be very happy with a regular old tube TV. But I see this as an opportunity to help her navigate and discover new TV and movies on her cable, or on Netflix, Hulu, etc. She is definitely not capable of controlling the remote and the navigation required to operate a smart TV menu. But I am capable of doing this – trouble is, we live about 10 miles apart from each other.

I’m looking for the easiest way to navigate a smart TV in my mother’s house, from my house 10 miles away, without having her TV hooked up to a computer. Her TV has to of course be restored to it’s simple state after watching a show I have set up for her.

Is this possible – can anyone suggest how it might be done ? Has anyone ever tried it ? I realize that smart TVs are in the early stages – but now we can start trying some new fun stuff with them.

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