Can I recover a deleted Facebook conversation?
Question by Einar Ejdesgaard /

I accidentally hit “delete conversation” when looking at my options. I was checking out the messages shared between my girlfriend and me. It was an impressive number, just over 60,000 messages. I fear that they have been deleted for good, if that is true then I will be devestated. I am not entirely sure how all these options work. Are my messages not stored on Facebook even if a conversation is deleted?

I am attempting to download my Facebook data under account settings. I can only hope by doing so I will get all the messages back. It is still pending and I need answers – help!

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Answers (17)
  • veeniti

    i just know we can recover deleted files

  • rahel nigussie

    i want to recover my delete massages from facebook covnersation

  • Francisco de Gusmao

    If you really want the messages, ask your gf. You deleted them, but she didn’t! she still have the record

  • GreyMatatabi

    i believe you can’t

  • Gaurav Anwardekar

    no i dont think so

  • justinpot

    It’s kind of amazing to me that Facebook – which briefly pushed Messages as a sort of alternative to email – doesn’t offer a trash bin. But at the very least your girlfriend should still have the messages. You could ask her to copy them to a text document, if you really want to keep the record.

  • Alan Wade

    As reported by the others, it is a number of clicks to actually delete them, but that said maybe you can visit her more often then you wouldnt need 60,000 messages :)

  • prashanth singh rathore

    no you can’t

  • yuitre

    I don’t think you can. There are just some things better left forgotten.

  • Nitesh Badala

    the conversation stored in the form of cookies. once you delete cookies not possible to recover it.

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