Joe Dubh-Glas

Can I make an effective database for collectables with WordPress?

03 Feb 2013
Windows 7
Chrome 24
03 Feb 2013 | Windows 7 | Chrome 24

Hello folks,

I’m looking to build a database of collectables for my website. I’ve been looking around at various database software but everything I found was VERY expensive. Of late I’ve been thinking of creating a Wiki and simply linking the existing site to that. However, I just read the “Make A Product Review Database With WordPress” article and that looks interesting, however, I’m not sure if it would be flexable enough for what I’m after. Basically, the proposed database would need the following:

  • Be easily searchable (a tag structure would be great)
  • Be able to have categories and sub-categories
  • Be able to show images
  • Easily editable

While I’m not hugely experienced with coding I can manage Wikis and basic WordPress stuff. The DB wouldn’t HAVE to fully integrate with WordPress (like the Wiki idea) but if so that would be nice. Any suggestions for either solution?

Thanks in advance.

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