Can I install Android on Nokia Asha 311?
Question by Agnel Vishal /
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Willing to take risk.

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Answers (10)
  • ali

    yes of course you can but you would have to make your hardware compatible to android perhaps i think thats its the only way to call your set "androasha"

  • s

    nope .. symbian does not support android.
    1. you will not be able to root the phone.
    2. the directories do not support android.

  • prashanth singh rathore

    nope you cant.......!! :(

  • Prashant M

    Simply no

  • Anay Chaubal

    generally, people who do stuff like install some os on hardware which is not designed for that OS, try to use the android OS system dump from a phone with similar hardware, meaning, same wireless chipset, cpu, gpu, ram chip. then alter a few things like battery capacity, screen sizes, etc, and then compile it to install on the target device. This is to ensure driver compatibility within the OS. Since Asha generally is a low cost handset, and most androids are a bit costlier, they will fundamentally share very little hardware. Meaning that even if there was a way to install android on it, the hardware incompatibility would be mind numbing. take the example of using android on iPhone or N9, this has caused some issues with wireless connectivity.
    This means that if you want an android phone, get one with android on it.

  • Joel Thomas

    It can be done in theory but why do that it will be so slow and buggy and cannot run apps because of insufficient requirements

  • Junil Maharjan

    the hardware would not be compatible for android so i would suggest not to take the risk.

    • Naman Munet

      no it is not possible to install anroid software on it.....because it will not support the phone you are using.

  • ha14

    perhaps xda developpers can help in that direction
    i do not see any one, i guess 128 MB RAM is not enough to do android on this phone

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