Can I install Android on an old Sony phone?
Question by Igor Rizvi? /
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Can I install Android OS on my old Sony Ericson Spiro mobile phone to use it is a cellbot through mini-USB or and audio jack?

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Answers (14)
  • Aniket Singh

    no can't upgrade it to androide becoz its hardware does't support......androide has sensors and some more hardware which is not present in this mobile....if u will try to upgrade it it may harm ur i strongly recommend that don't do this

  • Saurav Azad

    no i dont think so the hardware support that

  • Junil Maharjan

    I don't think so, the hardware will not be compatible.

  • Micheal

    no, the hardware doesnt fit

  • Sashritha Peiris

    You probably can after ages of rooting, hacking (nothing illegal) and maybe some coding but I doubt you wil be able to use android at all on your phone unless your phone has a touch screen. On the whole it would be easier, faster and probably cheaper to buy a cheap android phone like the Samsung Galaxy Mini

  • siddharth singh

    it depends on the phone.... now in your case, the internal memory is too low to install android ... and the processor also would be too darn slow to run android

  • Mihovil Pletikos

    no.... only a few non android phones can have android.... l

  • Yash Bansal

    No you can't!
    Only you can upgrade your android version if you if have an android supporting OS.
    Fresh install is not possible!

  • Ahmed Musani

    there has been no rom developed for this phone to mod so no you can't.

  • susendeep dutta

    You will risk your phone getting bricked and even burned out if you do so.Moreover,the internal memory is 5 MB which is way too low for installing Android.

    • Igor Rizvi?

      yes but it has an sd card extension

    • susendeep dutta

      But the read/write speed and loading times will lag heavily if he's able to build a successful ROM for his phone.Hardware compatibility is another issue he's going to face.

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