Can I downgrade Internet Explorer 8 to IE7 on Windows XP?
Question by kantheti suresh babu /
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Right now I am trying to downgrade IE8 to IE7 but it is not showing an uninstall option on my laptop. I am using Windows XP SP3. I can see the browser in Add/Remove Programs, it is displaying IE8 but not displaying the button to change or remove the software.


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Answers (22)
  • Prashant Mirjankar

    Uninstall IE8 and then install IE7

    If you earlier had IE7 and then it got updated to IE8 then simply uninstall the updates or else uninstall IE8 using remove windows components in add or remove programs.

  • Sravan Kumar

    As already mentioned in previous comments, there is a serious security concern with IE7.
    If you need IE7 temporarily to check something specific for IE7, try IE8's Compatibility mode feature and set it for IE7. This way, the webpages will display as how those are displayed in IE7.
    Refer this for compatibility modes:

    If you really wanted to uninstall IE8, try installing IE7 directly.
    If that doesn't work for any reason, try a Uninstaller software.
    I use IOBit's Uninstaller:
    It should work.


    Hello why would you want to do that? There are several options for browsers, from mozilla firefox to chrome, to opera, etc. May I ask why you want to go back to older internet explorer version?

  • Francisco de Gusmão

    Don't do that, please... just don't...
    Try another browser, if you're looking for something more lightweight search for it! maybe opera will do the trick...

  • Félix S. De Jesús

    Uninstalling the IE8, then install the IE7... but remember,you can get some problems. That's why newer versions are better. Maybe you can change your browser. Alters like Chrome or Firefox.

  • Din One

    yes uninstall and then install the new one...

  • dhanunjayarao chunduri

    For Windows XP platform,just go to add or remove program and find Internet Explorer 8 Beta then remove it.Your IE version will become your previous version that you were using before you upgrade.

  • Bodi Hemanth

    1) open the control pannel and
    2) open add or remove programs
    3)open the 3rd option of left side of the window then deselect the internet explorer from right side objects and click next, follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Mihovil Pletikos

    why would you do it? it is unsecure and doesn't follow standards.... but if you really need it uninstall it.... although i would recommmend that you install winxp in virtualbox and run it there...

  • Raj Sarkar

    Why not try something better like Chrome or Firefox?

    • Muz RC

      I prefer chrome but for flash content i recommend using firefox for prevent lag situtation...

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