Can I browse the Internet on my Roku 2 XS?
Question by Baron /

Is there a browser I can use to browse the Internet on my Roku2 XS?

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Answers (6)
  • Kay

    Chambers… do you really feel “read your manual” is helpful? at all?
    try outside the box here and you will find that you can…
    there is an app that lets you stream your android tablets screen to the roku, AND the tablet can browse the internet. voila!
    so before your snide comments, try either keeping quiet, or saying something like “not that i know of”, NOT “read your manual”
    thank you

  • Roshin idi

    Roku is a streaming box it can not be used to browse the internet sorry.

  • Rohit Pandey

    get all ur info….

  • Jim Chambers

    Read your manual. Browsing is not available.

  • susendeep dutta

    No,you can’t.If you read through the review in the link below –

    ” …the Roku 2 doesn’t offer any special connectivity with your computer or the ability to browse the internet for additional viewing options.”

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