Can I borrow my friend’s Windows 7 recovery disk if I no longer have access to mine?
Question by Ashish Kumar /

I bought Pavillion DV6 6165TX yesterday. I was trying to install Ubuntu, but all got messed up while installing Ubuntu. Now Windows also does not boot up. It shows this message: “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.” Unfortunately, I don’t have recovery disk. Now how to reinstall Windows 7 (Home Premium)? My friend has the same model and Windows 7 (Home Premium). Can I borrow his recovery disk? Please help me!

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Answers (32)
  • Igor Rizvi?

    Yes you can borrow his and try a startup repair..i had the same problem with my girlfriends laptop,and it worked wonders! good luck

  • Joel Jacob


  • Sathya Murthy

    A recovery disk is unique for an installed windows. It is a backup for booting and recovering windows for a particular installation in a particular system.
    So, you cannot use the recovery disk of another installation in your system to recover and boot to windows.

  • Austen Gause

    Yes you can, NO clean installs though you will lose everything you dont back up

  • N LKX

    does your startup screen show a ‘gnu grub error’ or something like that?

  • Austin

    Yes you can

  • Rich Mc.

    I agree with everyone telling you to use your serial key. I would definitely try repairing your system before a clean boot.

    • Anonymous

      I tried my freind’s recovery cd but it shows a message “This CD is not compatible for your system”..wat to do?

    • Muz RC

      you should make sure the disc is same with ur operating system, u cant use recover disk home 32 bit on pro 32 bit…

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    yes! you can use the recovery disc to recover your system!

  • Nikhil Chandak

    You can definitely do that , but u will need the product key or the serial key with that

  • Rakesh Mishra

    u can use the recovery disc because i have use my friends disc

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