How can I get the keyboard to behave normally after running “Disco Lights”?

December 28, 2013
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Hi guys. I tried the disco lights keyboard trick ( on my Toshiba (5 times in a row) and nothing happend… so i decided to try on my Mom’s laptop… a Sony Vaio one. And it did work for the green LEDs (they’ve gone crazy!) but now the keyboard doesn’t work like before. For example, I press “k” and I get “2”, or I press “e” and get 3… I deleted the file and my recycle bin is now empty… What should I do?! please… Help me! (My mom hates me right now)

[Ed: the original title was “can t find the vbs file on task manager! (i tried: no wscript or cscript)”, can’t see how this is relevant, but am including it here).

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