How can I fix boot problems on my dual-boot system after using Partition Magic to resize partitions?

Pozzouk June 22, 2014
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It seems like I’ve screwed up my NTFS system on Windows XP

Basically, I had been messing about dual booting with WinXP that has been on the HD for 18 months and had Ubuntu 14.04 running nicely.

I had read about running various distros of Linux in virtual machines.  No problem so far.

Then like a mug, instead of putting these virtual OSes in Ubuntu that was sat with around 160GB doing not a lot – this is the bad bit – I attempted enlarging the 137GB that WinXP was sat in by 50GB using “PartitionMagic.”  Not so magic as it turns out!

Upon reboot up comes the Windows XP logo instantly followed by a momentary BSOD.  I got in and disabled auto reboot so as to view the BSOD that tells me that I have an “UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME”  I can also see the 137GB folder in the Ubuntu Home Folder but as it is not mounted.  I’m stuck.

I’m no great expert at this stuff but although I have 95% the data held in that install of XP backed up I just want to fix it and I’m just wondering if you can give me any pointers.


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