How can I access my Facebook account when SMS verification fails?

January 25, 2014
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Hi, I can’t access my Facebook account for a week. After I entered my password incorrectly, they asked me the security question and changed the password from my mobile.

They then asked to send an email to my Facebook email to confirm, but I have no access to it. They later asked for a phone number or a new email. I entered my phone number and received an SMS with a link. I clicked on the link to find it opening the same page where I left my account unable to log in.

It said:

In order to access your account, please check for an SMS at ‘my phone number’. Simply click the link in that SMS to confirm your new number. If you did not receive your SMS, click here to resend.”

Every time I click “click here” a Flash window says “something went wrong please try again later.”

Any idea what can I do??? :(

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