How can I bypass a wireless password?
Question by Levis /

I am very troubled with this. I need a way to bypass any wireless password. Is there any software to do this? Someone please help me.

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Answers (7)
  • steve bonsu

    i want to bypass a wifi password

  • Aruzmeister

    you have to use bactrack os to crack password


    Hello, I am afraid we can not help you.

  • Mike

    As Bruce indirectly pointed out the only legit reasons requiring you to bypass (or crack) wireless passwords are in a field of work where you don’t have to ask how to do it.

    Having that said here are three ways to bypass wireless passwords (or wireless networks you don’t have the password for):
    – setup and use your own wireless network
    – use public WiFi hotspots
    – get mobile internet (via a USB modem or MiFi device)

  • Bruce Epper

    Are there valid reasons for wanting to do this? Yes.
    Are there unethical reasons for wanting to do this? Yes
    Can we be sure what camp you are in? No, but the way you phrased your comment about needing to be able to bypass ANY password makes it more likely you are in the second camp, therefore providing any kind of assistance for this would be irresponsible.

    • Oron

      You took the words right out of my mouth Bruce!

    • Robert Ben

      Agree this is not only irresponsible but if you are on the second camp (I like that) then you could be breaking the law. Not very smart!

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