How can I burn a movie DVD that will work on my TV DVD player?
Question by Susan /

I have burned a movie on a DVD but is only playable on the computer. It will not play on my DVD player connected to my television. What am I missing?

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Answers (10)
  • Tenaciousakat1

    why isnt the volume working when I download my movies

  • Roncarr

    I just found Freemake Video converter & my wife is watching the DVD I made on her TV right now. I just converted 671 mb of FLV files I downloaded from Youtube, to a 4.7 gb DVD. Why there’s such a big difference in size, I don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a tutorial you can reading. It will tell you how to do that.

  • mac

    the best program to use is is so easy to use.there are loads of sites you can find it,and get it free,if you get my meaning.

  • Anonymous

    I have Nero 7 and I installed VLC Player. I download the Movie, Open Nero Startsmart,Select “Make DVD”,then “add video files”then select the Movie which is normally in “AVI” and Burn it,then Play the Movie on my DVD Player (It can take a while to Recode)

  • Harvey

    Many DVD players won’t play formats such as .avi and perhaps some others. I have a Samsung that will, but when I wish to be certain it will play on any DVD player I convert the files to DVD format, using a program called DVD Flick. It is very user friendly and works extremely well. I use both -r and +r disks with no problem.

  • Anonymous

    Depends. First fine out what your DVD will play (example DVD -r or +r.) Than ensure the burn to that media.

  • Anonymous

    If you are running windows 7 there is a program called Windows DVD Maker that you can access from the start menu and this will take a movie file like AVI or WMV and burn it onto a DVD that will play on any standard DVD player.

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