Why does my built-in webcam not work?
Question by Barry /
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I have model L675D-S7104 Toshiba laptop. Webcam shows as an application, but there’s no way to get camera to work. I think it’s Chicony 2.0, but not 100% sure. Help!

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Answers (15)
  • leah wood

    my bult in camera isnt working right, ive tried to open it but it wont work, my laptops a toshiba and every time i open it, it says i need to connect it again but i dont know how to do that?

  • brittany

    i can't get my laptop camera to turn work. it's built into the laptop but it's telling me to plug in a webcame . it's a 1545 inspiron dell.

  • naila ali

    my bulit in yocam not working checked all program not there i think its been removed

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Are you referring to CyberLink YouCam -


      It's a trialware software.

    • Oron

      Two thoughts:
      1. Not plugged in/switched off? If the camera's not built into the computer, check that it's properly connected!
      2. Device driver problem. Have a look in the device manager (type "Device Manager" in the "Search Programs and Files" box, and select it from the list. Check the devices on the list. If there is a problem with the device driver for the camera, it will be listed with a special icon (a little exclamation mark, or a red or yellow sign over it). In that case, read the message and reinstall, upgrade or enable the item depending on what the error message is.


      Hello, visit laptop manufacturer's site and make sure to download the camera drivers and program from there. You just have to know your model number and operating system. Once downloaded, install program and it should be there.


    Hello, II am assuming you have a laptop.  Visit laptop's manufacturer site and find the support/drivers area.  Select your laptop's model and operating system and find any software/drivers for you laptop.  Download software/drivers and install them.  If you have problems finding drivers, post your laptop's brand and model and operating system so that we can lool for you.

    Let me know, how it goes. 

  • jewel

    i can't find camera in my device manager. what can i do to reinstall it?

  • Stivinn Aura

    In all probability, it seems like a software issue. Try using another software to test if your webcam works or not. Eg. Debut Video Capture ( www.nchsoftware.com/capture/index.html ).


    Hello, has the camera work before?  Have you checked for problems in device manager?  to do so, do the following:

    -- click on windows key + Pause/Break key at same time
    -- in screen that appears, click on device manager
    -- find the camera entry in device manager and expand the entry by pressing + sign
    -- is there any warning, question mark right next to entry?
    -- highlight and right click on entry and select update driver software
    -- if there is new drivers, they will be installed

    If you have messenger or software like that, have you tried to see if the camera is recognized there?  You can also look for drives in the toshiba site.  The next link will take you there....you just have to select your operating system:


    • Gabi

      I am having the same problem as he or she is. I tried this, but my driver is up to date. I will get the disconnection sound when I see it turn off, and the reconnection sound when it turns back on. Could this be a hardware issue? This only started a few months after I got my laptop.

    • ha14

      1. Right click on the web cam driver.
      2. Click Properties
      3. Click on Compatibility tab,
      4. Put a check mark on Run this program in compatibility mode
      5. Select the operating system as windows Vista
      under Privilege Level, check mark "Run this program as an administrator"
      6. Click on Apply
      7. Click OK.

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