Why does my built-in webcam not work with Skype?
Question by Larry /

My Sony built-in webcam will not operate with Skype.

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Answers (45)
  • myrna

    Why is it that my Sony vaio built – in web cam is not working. What I will do to fix it? they can’t see me but I can see them when we use the skype.

    • Tina


      Does it also not work after rebooting the computer?

  • Eoghan

    hey guys
    my webcam used to work but it seams to have completely gone now !
    i’ve tried all the hints and ideas on the forum like youtube and the bios in the setup menu and it says my webcam is enabled . . . . . yet youtube, skype, and anything else i’d need it for cant seam to find it :/
    my laptop is a Toshiba satellite C-660
    any more ideas ??

  • JUDITH24063002

    why wont my web cam work

  • Delci Francis

    please help me use the inbuilt webcamera

  • Zarkomilanovic3

    my built-in webcam doesn’t work at all

  • Aenna Leynes

    Hi. I’m having a problem too with my webcam. Everytime I use  the videocall for Skype, this appears.. Please help  me.. :(

  • Hariz13may

    I’m using an Acer Aspire One with Windows XP. I’m having the same problem but when I press F2 (and the blue screen appears), there is no advanced tab. Help?

  • KyleToshibaSatellite

    Hi i have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5212 and i have been using my webcam for skype but suddenly it has stopped working and i cant find out how to fix it…Any ideas?

    • Tina


      did you follow the advice in this thread? Some of it appears to have worked for people. If it doesn’t work for you, you may have a different problem. I recommend to ask a new question to get a quick answer.

  • Lalley6

    when on face book making a viedo the people on the other laptop canot hear me but i can hear them what does that have to do why we can hear them but they cant hear us.

  • Monica

    my webcam doesnt work when the skype is on the other person who is chatting cant see me

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