How can I build a website where people can watch movies online?

Erlis Dhima September 10, 2012
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Ok! I have a lot of knowledge in building sites with WordPress and creating them with HTML/CSS.
But I make this question to you, so maybe I can learn more!

So how to build a good website where to watch movies online?

For example, sites like and others.

I want to know the steps I should follow to build a good site, where people can watch movies online for the entire world! (No region restriction) Also, I want the video player to support both the high quality (maybe also 1080p) and also different subtitles. (For example the youtube cc option)

Also, do I have to get copyrights by any company that owns this movie.. (Of course that is needed! Right?)

Also I accept other suggestion, of course! I really need to create a good one! So, two (or more) minds are better than one, right?


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