What is the best browser for flash games on Facebook or Yahoo?
Question by karen gariss /

I had to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player because my games were not working for the second time. I was recommended to use a different browser for my games. We use Mozilla Firefox.

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Answers (4)
  • MaryRachelKate

    IE? really? 9 seems so slow overall on my computer but Castleville keeps crashing on Chrome. Safari and Firefox are so slow to load – I’m using Opera but it won’t load Zynga.com just the games – I’ll try Maxathon I can always use a 6th browser (really, I’m a nerd).

  • Lorileisiren

    i like maxathon for fb… also chrome or ie is good. tried safari n mozilla kinda both sucked

  • S0v3r3ign69

    I tested 3 browsers for Sims Social on FB and the best came out Internet Explorer! The worst was Firefox takes a lot of time to load, the second came Chrome a little more faster but has some problems and sometimes is blocking the game and you need to give a refresh to the page. The best for me performed Internet Explorer! I think is the best browser out there right now!

  • Phillip

    I use Chrome for Facebook and have no problems

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