How can I break the 5000 friends limit in Facebook?
Question by Israel Lavee /

I have a good friend that is stuck! How can we break this barrier of 5000 friends?
Any help will be appreciated.
I do know some people have even over 6000 friends!

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Answers (26)
  • Sufiyan Khan

    can any one tell me that how i add more than 5000 frends | I have 4999 frends and still 300 frend request pending .
    hoow i add all frends…

    tell me

  • Reverend Flash

    Why do so many of you wanna DO that? Psychologists believe you can only maintain real relationships with about 150 people. Are you all psycho or something? Focus more on the quality of your friendships and less on the quantity of ‘friends’.

  • Roeben

    It’s possible. Use “Suggest friends”

  • wali

    i have more 5000 friendss i Dont know how to remove it

    • saher

      how you got 5000 ??

    • susendeep dutta

      Log in to your account and then click on Friends tab present on left side.Then click on See All Friends.It’ll load a list of all 5000 friends.Then hover over the Friends button on the friend you like to unfriend.Then a option will load and click on unfriend which will unfriend that person.Go on till you get completed.This is the fastest way to remove friends.

  • wali

    i have more 5000 friendss i Dont know how to remove it

  • Walter S

    Easy, migrate your personal page into a fan page:

    • Juni

      If you see people with more than 5000 friends then it is not a bug. Most people think that there is a bug in Facebook by which you can have more than 5000 friends.
      Actually the number of friends includes your actual friends plus people who are waiting to become your friends. So if you see 5128 friends then it is possible that the person have 5000 friends and 128 people have requested to be friend but awaiting his approval.

  • Amit Sinha

    if you really need your facebook friends count increase over 5K then there is a simple answer is that you should contact FB support center they may help you.

  • dave wainscott

    look at this: 5, 182 friends:

  • Rishabh Sharma

    It isin’t possible

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