Can I use a borrowed Windows 7 install disc along with the product key on my COA to re-install Windows 7?

Mike Green September 25, 2012
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I need to wipe my laptop due to issues on my computer (BSODs etc…). I have no recovery partition and no recovery discs (Identically made a Windows repair disc instead of a TOSHIBA recovery disc) and therefore the only way I can re-install Windows (Without buying TOHSIBA recovery discs) is to borrow an installation disc from a friend and use the product key ont eh sticker on the bottom of my laptop.

However as my currently installation is the OEM version of Windows (came with my laptop) and the disc will be the retail version, will my product key activate the installation? I don’t want to wipe my computer to load a 30-day trial of Windows.

Also, what about Office?

I have Office 2007 currently installed, will I be able to use my current key to re-activate Office with my new installation if the installation was successful? Or, becuase of the use of a new product key (My laptops sticker key instead of TOSHIBAs mass OEM product key). will Microsoft think I am trying to use the same key on different computers?

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