How can I make a bootable USB drive from Windows XP in DOS command prompt?
Question by nitin rajput /

How can I make a bootable USB drive from Windows XP in DOS command prompt?

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Answers (15)
  • Agenda Smith

    How to use command prompt to make bootable pendrive for windows xp

  • gulshan

    how can we make a bootable pendrive of window xp by using command

  • ss.negi

    i want to sol…..hw to create bootable pen drive window xp with help of command prompt…100% work…..

    thank you….

  • M.Asif Zhakfar

    I need you to help me in installing windows XP using flash ( How can i make a bootable USB drive from windows XP in DOS command prompt?).

  • Pradip Kumar Roy

    Dear sir,
    I am want create dos Bootable USB Memory drive from my Computers document.
    Pls help to me.How can create Bootable USB Drive.

    Pradip Roy

    • Tina


      Did you try some of the solutions posted below? Why did they not work? What operating system do you have and is this a USB flash drive or a hard drive that you’re trying to make bootable?

  • express reader

    open CMD
    type DISKPART
    diskpart> list vol
     diskpart> sel vol  (drive vol num e:g 4)
    diskpart> avtive
    diskpart> exit

    now copy windows XP setup files to flash drive
    and boot usb from boot manu and run setup.exe

  • Knnnkannan8

    google wintoflash :-)

  • Virendra Nagarkoti

    what is the method to make bootable pendrive.


    Hello, if that is what you want to do……you could try the two ways posted in next link:

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