How can I boot a media center app without booting Windows?
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Does UNetbootin have a ‘Live CD’  function? Also, is there a way to install XBMC / Enna as standalone applications, having the same functions as a ‘Live CD’, but only on a thumb drive? I want to watch DVDs, my own media, straight without booting Windows.

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Answers (4)
  • Josh Fox

    I stumbled across Element HTPC a couple days ago and was planning on giving it a try. It could be installed as a dual boot alongside Windows. Having a full installation will give you more features and options. It’s not the fastest way to go, but personally, I think the features would make up for it.

    It uses XBMC for the media center software, based on Xubuntu with the XFCE desktop, Firefox, Decibel music player, VLC, and a bunch of other useful apps. It also has some extras like DVD playback functionality, Flash upgrade, remote server, Boxee, and Lirc software easily installable right from their website.

    Just not sure how problematic video drivers would be. My HTPC laptop uses ATI graphics with no Linux drivers available for it. But if your hardware is supported, this is the route I would go.

  • jhpot

    If you’re looking for a good quick-boot media center, I highly recommend GeexBox. I used to use a computer with no operating system installed with this CD for all of my media watching. It even has a built-in FTP server, nice for adding content remotely. Not as flashy as Boxee but it does the job.

  • Anonymous

    Well if you need to use iso image without booting then instal daemon tool——————————————————————————–The easiest way to create bootable USB disks out of the new XBMCLive (Beta1) CD image is to use unetbootin, available for Windows and Linux:Start unetbootin, select disk image and choose the ISO file.A second step is required if you want to have the changes to be persistent: creation of a permanent storage file.

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