Why do I get the blue screen of death on Windows startup?
Question by IamAshMcLean /
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I turned on my computer and then I see “Starting Windows” followed by the blue screen of death.

I tried to use System Restore in Safe Mode, and other options on the F8 key at startup but got the same result: blue screen of death. I talked to my stepfather, and he said that I should change the RAM, or to use at least one, to check whether that is the problem, and again got the same thing.

So is it hardware-related, or it is the operating system which I must re-install?

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Answers (30)
  • Félix S. De Jesús

    Thank you so much for the Advices... I removed the HDD from the laptop, and then put it back again, and Boom... Windows Did Start normally :))))

  • Elrick Browne

    It can be anything, because its a general error for lots of different hardware, can be hard drive, memory, video card, sound card etc, but if a BIOS change was made recently it can cause it......like changing the sata settings from compatible/IDE to Sata/AHCI and vice versa as windows wouldn't have the driver at boot for that device. because it essentially because a new device with that change

  • Dany Bouffard

    It seem like a hardware issue, if the error is not always occuring boot into windows in safemode with network, downaload and install Bluescreen view from there chek the error message and go on a computer and search the net using th error message code
    to get info, usually the code will give a fairly good insight as to what hardware might be defective.

  • Bodi Hemanth

    it's may be a hardware problem, that installed o your system.
    1st you reinsert ram and hard disk cables then see the result.

  • Kavita

    even i get it some times on my pc...windows sucks...

  • Nikhil Gupta

    you have some hardware problem first check ur hardware in the bios menu...

  • Igor Rizvi?

    If there is a error numbers showing on,write them down and search them on the web,every error code stands for different part of false or failed hardware.good luck

  • Jacob

    In my experience most BSODs happen mostly due to driver related problems(Have you made any changes to your system recently?).Now, on the BSOD a section called technical information is shown.There you have the error codes and the files which are being affected.Google those codes and you will find the exact problem.

  • Jim Chambers

    Old computer tech trick. Find a spot on the case that vibrates the least using your sense of touch. Then hit this spot sharply with a small hammer 3 times wait 13 sec and hit it again. Reboot the computer. Cured!!
    Come on guys some of these suggestion are pretty lame.
    F8 on bootup, click on don't restart on failure to get the stop error code, google code (usually don't need to include stuff in brackets). If its hardware related my guess is the PSU

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