Can you block a Facebook friend from seeing your posts even if you tag them in it?
Question by Mary /
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My boyfriend is going through some drama with someone he thought was his friend. It’s a long story, but basically she’s going around and lying and saying they’re together. He gets mad because I see stuff she tags him in, but he says he cannot see it at all, and he has to log into my account to see it.

Is that possible? I am not that savvy with computers or facebook really for that matter when it comes to all the privacy settings, my boyfriend had to setup all mine when this girl started hacking into my account. But, yea, I just want to know how she’s doing this?

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Answers (14)
  • Raja Pradeep

    No, you can't block them if you tag them. He and his friends can see the post.

  • VS Vishnu


  • Nikhil Chandak

    unfriend the prsn
    or by
    going to the option of ur friend
    & choosing the block option

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    it's like this., if the person has customized her privacy level, there can be a place where he cannot see the posts that she tags him. a notification will popup that he has been tagged bt when he try to view it, the content won't be available.

    • Mary

      Okay, that makes sense. It's dumb, but it makes sense. Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate it :)

  • Mary

    Thanks for the answers! I know for sure he had to log into my account to see it because I have it set up I get notified when someone logs into my account. He went onto my account to see what she's been saying, that's what I don't understand. If he could see it, he would have told me he could instead of going through my account to do so. I don't know, the whole thing is just confusing to me. He's been away at work a lot recently, so no facebook for him much right now, and that's why she's still doing this. I understand how to block someone when you're not friends with them, I just don't know how it works when you are friends with them and you put them on the restricted list. She's not my friend, the only reason I even see anything is since she tags him.

  • Justin Pot

    So far as I know what your boyfriend says is happening is impossible. If you're tagged in a photo you can see it.

  • vasu gupta

    dont tag them if you dont want them to see.try untagging.

  • Erlis Dhima

    If you tagged that person, than he can see it, for sure! But if you don't want him/her to watch your wall posts, likes, comments etc.., add him/her to the restricted list!

  • Shayne Selwonk

    no, you can’t. just un friend the person

  • shaurya gupta

    no, you can't. bu you can sure untag them. And just out of curiosity, why would you want to tag them if you dont wanna see them?

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