Why is there a blinking hourglass next to my mouse constantly?
Question by Arlene /
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There are no other applications running, I’ve done a virus scan, defraged, deleted cookies, restarted, everything I can think of!

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Answers (11)
  • Anonymous

    Took of COnstant Guard which finally cured it.

  • Pressmanh

    I have this same issue.  It only happens when Firefox is open.  Close Firefox, goes away.  Have mouse inside text entry box within FF, goes away.  Annoying as all get out.  I've shut off all FF plugins.

  • Anonymous


    Does the issue persists in safe mode?
    If the issue doesn't persist in safe mode, then follow these steps from the clean boot link

    also did you intoduced any USB flash drive or external hardware and they are protected, so possible if you didnt removed them safely then your pc will think that its there and if they are password protected then cant run them. trying to run the AutoPlay because it detects a drive plugged in, but it is password-protected, so it can't. The result? It gets stuck and constantly tries to open it.

    looke up your processes in Task Manager and the problem can be the Shell Hardware Detection service (ShellHWDetection) running under svchost.exe. This service is in charge of AutoPlay functionality such as digital cameras, CD ROMs, etc. As a siolution Enter the password for your Drive (or other password-protected media), or unplug it from the computer.

    A possible cause of this problem is that something is wrong with the Windows Live Messenger software, or there is an incompatibility between the software and your computer.

    try to see with another mouse

    • Braqus

      or your mama is pregnant/ your car battery is dead/ etc. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    When hour glass appears next to mouse is because it is busy trying to open on what you clicked. Usual sign of too many program running in background. Have you checked task manager to check what program you have running?


    Is this a run of the mill mouse? or is this a mouse with extra buttons? like logitech, microsoft,etc. Is it a ps2 mouse, usb, wireless? The hour glass can be changed to something different but when the hour glass appears is because your system is acting on the action you click with your mouse. See if you can update the drivers for the mouse. That should help. Check task manager to see what programs are running..

  • Arlene

    Nothing open in the background. The hourglass goes away when I press on specific things, like my inbox, pics etc. but once I open it my little hourglass returns. I will try your mouse setting suggestion, thank- you for responding!

  • Tina


    I'm guessing this is in Windows. Which version of Windows?

    Does the pointer change at all when you go over different items, e.g. over a text field or a hyperlink in your browser? Are there any other symptoms?

    It could be that the mouse pointer with hour glass is simply set as your default mouse pointer.

    If this is Windows, go to > Start > Control Panel and depending on the Windows version you have find the entry for your mouse settings. Once you found the mouse settings, there should be an option to change what the mouse pointer looks like.

    Well, this is just a guess. You could indeed have something loading in the background.

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