What can I do if I get a black screen on a Compaq laptop and no signal on external monitor?
Question by Stephanie Ariza /

I turned on my laptop this morning and I got a black screen. I removed the battery, pressed the power button etc. and I even checked the RAM. It is booting up, so I hooked it to a monitor, monitor said receiving no signal. OK, so now what do I do?

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Answers (8)
  • Stephanie Ariza

    thanks for all your help i had a friend who is a techie look at it and the LED light is out

  • Susendeep Dutta

    Have you tried booting up your laptop by slightly opening up its lid upto 30 degrees?

  • RayInLV

    I had this problem on my Desktop.   Identical.  It came up when I added a 2nd monitor.  
    Once plugged in, neither monitor would display the windows startup. 

    I was ready to restore from backup, but I was able to remotely access using Team Viewer (which I use to get into the other pc’s around our house all the time).

    This let me find the problem, which was that Windows was setting my default boot monitor as my TV on HMDI cable.   Because I was able to remotely access I was able to fix it, quite easily.

    Who knows, may be something similar is happening.  I’d plug into the HDMI on your unit if it is there and just see if it is.

    Since then, I have experimented and found if I change the monitor configuration it can be recreated. Knowing that I change TV to HDMI Port and am able to change windows settings.  

    I would not have guessed except for being able to get in remotely.

    • RayInLV

      When I said default boot monitor, I meant it was disabling the other two monitors and using only the HDMI connection to my TV.  I could see that in ‘Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsDisplayScreen Resolution”.

      Hope it helps.

  • Mike

    Depending on the settings of your laptop you might have to press a key or key combination to activate the external monitor. Information on this can usually be found in your laptops manual.

    If you don’t get any graphical output at all on either, the internal or external display the most likely answer is that your laptops graphics chip is defective.

    Your best option probably is to consult the reseller (you bought it from), a HP/Compaq (service) partner or the official HP/Compaq support.

  • Stephanie Ariza

    can’t see it to do that but thanks. like is said it boots up but keeps a black screen even with an external monitor…which says its recieving no signal

    • ha14

      you can check the manufacturer website to see where is the cmos battery. If your graphical card is damaged then this can explain why?

  • ha14

    if you have windows cd you can boot on it and choose startup repair or choose restore point to go back earlier when everything was fine;

    You can also try to reset cmos battery?

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