Why can’t I bid on items on eBay?
Question by patricia /
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I can sign into eBay, but that is it. I can’t make bids or watch lists. I use IE9 and I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing cookies and cache, running anti-malware software, etc. Only eBay has this problem. How do I fix it?

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Answers (11)
  • Linda Raymond

    why can't i bid on e-bay now i have been buying and bidding for ages now so why
    can't i contonue i am loosing bargains

    • Tina


      What happens when you try to bid? Is there an error message?

  • James Bruce

    This would be better addressed to the ebay support team, dont you think?

    • patricia

      thanks for the condescending tone! no i don't its a technical problem that has nothing to do with Ebay itself!!! if u have nothing helpful in a decent tone to say don't bother responding 

    • James Bruce

      The very fact that you said "only eBay has this problem" would indicate that it's a technical problem for the eBay website team to address. I'm sorry if that sounded condescending, that wasn't my intention.

      My other response would have been to stop using internet explorer (because it sucks and causes incompatiblity with lots of sites as you can tell), but last time I gave that response the user was just as annoyed that I would question their choice of browser ;(

      Anyway, glad to hear Chrome sorted it out for you! ;)

  • Anonymous

    depends if ebay took this decision based on some events, perhaps you have to contact them.


    Hello, have you tried clicking in the compatibility view icon?  It is located next to search icon.  Sometimes if a site doesn't work, it could be because you do not have java and flash player installed or there is problems with them. 

    With IE9, if compatibility view is not checked, it blocks and filters some content on the site.  If a site doesn't show and everything else is up to date, it is a matter of clicking on compatibility view so that all the content is showed on the site. 

    • Patricia

      hi. thanks i did that but still nothing, and it effects some stuff on other websites too. i just installed chrome and so far so good. :)

  • Jay

    Try firefox and chrome.

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