Why does batch photo uploading to a Facebook album freeze at 35%?
Question by Osama /
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Whenever I upload multible photos to a Facebook album, the upload bar always always freezes at approximately 35%. Why is this so? I am using Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12.

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Answers (5)
  • Jon

    my tip, if the upload finish @ 100% and just hang  there, close the browser- , ur photo already been uploaded, only fb hang to finishing it, 

  • stpgroovStpgroov

    Failed to upload photo.
    There was a problem with the image file.....i think i am being censured by facebook servers because i can not post photos that are already in my wall post file// i am artist painter of eclectic classical nude art and they seemed to be unaware of freespeech// what to do?

    • Kraelo

      free speech doesn't apply in 'private domains'  i.e. facebook isn't a public location (city hall for example).  You can't run into a skyscraper and get naked can you?

  • Srinivas G

    Do you use the flash-based uploader? It sometimes troubles people.


    1) Change the browser and try.

    2) When you click the "Add more Photos" button when in an album, you'll see this:

    "Uploading tip

    You can select multiple photos in the dialogue by holding the 'ctrl' key down while clicking on the photos.
    Trouble uploading photos? Try the Simple Uploader"

    Click the "Try the simple uploader" link. It sure involves a lot of work, but your photos will be uploaded without any problem. :)

  • Yousef

    The java program used to upload photos on facebook has always been hit or miss with me. One thing you can try is try doing the uploading on Google Chrome. When a java program on the web doesn't work for me, I usually switch my browser and it will work. It all has to do with how the browser renders and uses java.

    Another solution is to use an external program to do all the uploading. You can use google's Picasa photo managing program. The plugin for it can be found here:


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