Why has AVG replaced my default Google home page?
Question by Gill Scott /

Yesterday I had an update request window open for AVG so I clicked it. After that I find my Google Chrome opening page tab with all my favorites on it has vanished and I have an AVG search window only. I want to get back to my previous opening page on Google Chrome. How do I do that?

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Answers (25)
  • Bryan

    I meant the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right hand corner. Everything else will be the same.

  • Bryan

    Click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner. Then put cursor on “tools” then click extensions. You will see “AVG Safeguard Toolbar” un-check the box that says “enable”. Problem Solved!

  • Tore Berg

    Why do you make such a change without the users’ approval? I hate it.

  • sheila Durant

    I would like to have avg removed as my default and as my web page. I would like yahoo as my web page and goggle chrome as my default.

    Any help that ou can give me would be greatly appreciatr. Thank You

  • brad

    give back my old page this is a hassele give back the two hours you took and the bad new page without my favorites to .

  • Phoenix

    Go to settings, the to extentions and you will see you avg thing there. Just click “enabled”

  • diane

    in windows 7 google chrome go to bookmarks then bookmark manager then at the top is a small search box,type in avg. “avg” or “search” should pop up.right click on this and press the delete button & restart your browser.I always find that restarting your computer helps at times as well.good luck!!!!!

  • David

    I will Like to Have my old stuff Back and My save Links and And My anime I Was watching

  • Dwayne Nicholson

    because AVG hijacks your system during the install process if you’re not careful, you have to choose custom install or it will install a bunch of crap ware

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