Why does Avast not allow me to browse the internet?
Question by Gooner /

I’m using Windows 7 and Google Chrome and Avast as my anti virus. As the question title points out, I can’t browse the web without disabling Avast first! Any of you have this problem? I’ve searched the web, but can’t find any real solutions. Please help!

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  • Anonymous

    thats strange, did the administrator installed avast and created rules for users?

  • Jay.0

    Same thing used to happen when I was using escan.
    It used to block browsers, and ip address of google.
    Check an option where it logs the blocked applications and ip addresses.
    unblock your browsers, and unblock the recently blocked ip addresses.
    Escan had the option of remove alert cache or something, so try to find a similar option to whitelist/unblock.


    Hello, does avast give you any error when you tried to browse the web?  Most times you will have to play with the configurations for avast.  You could try playing with the configuration of web shield and also search advisor.

    Has there been any updates for avast virus engine lately?  If this started happening after update, you might want to uninstall avast in safemode with removal tool and try to go back to previous engine.

    To download avast removal tool, visit following link:

  • Jeff Fabish

    You probably have two firewalls running. Did you disable Windows Firewall (or any other firewalls) before you enabled Avast? 

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