How can I automatically rotate my Facebook profile picture?
Question by Paul Toth /
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I would like for my profile picture, as shown in comments and etc, to rotate through an album so it changes without me updating it. Is there some way to make this possible? Thanks

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Answers (4)
  • Jay.0

    Can you clear your question ?

    You can rotate profile picture or any picture by clicking on the "arrows".
    check attached image.

    • Pjrtothjr

      I know that I want the picture to change on its own like a slide show.  Rotating through the album on it own. you used to be able to have it done before the time line.

    • Jay.0

      Are you saying: your profile picture can change automatically one by one from your album?
      or you want to view a slideshow?

      I have never noticed such inbuilt option.

      Can you tell me how to do this?

      Did you do this with an application or addon ?

      then you should contact the developer.

      You can test it by creating a new profile which will not have timeline.
      May be the app you used stop working ?

    • oz-ie

      it it possible for your facebook profile pictue to change or rotate automatically or is there a setting that would allow this every 20 days or so from your picture profile in box?

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