How can I automate the same task on multiple Mac OS X computers?
Question by Jason Mauai /

I am the Mac Lab Technician for my University and I use Apple Remote Desktop quite often to maintain and update software, system preferences, ect. on 100+ client computers. However, performing tasks such as “Open System Preferences > Click ‘Language & Text’ > Click ‘Input Sources’ > Check ‘Chinese’ language box > Check ‘Japanese’ language box > Quit System Preferences” can be pretty stressful when it comes do manually clicking a million times on a hundred computers.

I’ve tried Automator and using the record feature then saved it as an app, but unfortunately when I deploy that app using Apple Remote Desktop and try to open it on all the client computers in hopes of automating what I want done, an error always pops up. It wont work.

Is there a way to do this at all? I’ve searched Google for months with no luck. The only posts I see around are about automating tasks on ONE computer. I’m seeking answers on how to do the same task as stated above on multiple computers. Please help.

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Answers (7)
  • Timothy Grocoott

    Are you able to control all of that from one central computer, and make all the other computers run the AppleScript? I have 10 computers I need to run a long process on every hour or so, and I have the the AppleScript on all of them. I’m looking for a way to trigger that script on all the computers from my computer. I can’t put them on a timer/calendar event, because the time aat which I need to run this is unpredictable.

  • Timothy Grocott

    I’m in a similar situation. Did you find a solution?

    • Jason Mauai

      Yes, the solution is AppleScript, a programming language that lets you tell the computer to click here, scroll there, type this and that. It’s awesome. Try it.

  • Anonymous

    LEARN Applescript! That will do the job!

  • Boni Oloff

    I have no idea too, never use mac before, but i think there are many macro recorder in Windows you can use and do your task via RDP from the windows.

  • salim benhouhou

    i have no idea how to do that but i shared it on Google+ maybe one of my friends knows

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