Why does Auto Play not come up when I connect my iPhone to my Windows computer?

Basem Khawaja November 7, 2011
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Whenever I connect my iPhone 4 to the computer the Auto Play dialog box does not get detected, yet iPhone shows up under my computer and in my iTunes. Everything is checked as ‘ask me every time’ in the Auto Play options.

Can someone help me please? I am very frustrated. I have been trying to find a fix for this problem for a long time searching Microsoft.com Help Center and the internet with no luck. Please help I am tired of this problem.

Also, I have a different issue within Auto Play. There is a device listed. D90, my camera that I used to have, but I no longer do, that still shows up under Devices. Also my HP-Administrator’s iPhone is listed in addition to the one with my name. I would like that listing The HP-Admin iPhone to be removed in addition to the D90.

Please help me. Thank you!



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