Can AT&T phones use Verizon’s LTE network?
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I’m wondering if AT&T customers can piggyback off Verizon’s LTE network if they have a LTE phone but not AT&T LTE network in their city. Sort of like how roaming normally works. Does anyone know?

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  • Tina


    thank you very much for the elaborate answer!

  • Craig

    No, the phones use different technologies. Verizon uses CDMA, whereas AT&T uses GSM for wireless service. The two technologies are incompatible.

    • Anonymous

      yes, but cdma and gsm are not being used here; lte is, which doesn't enter into cdma/gsm.

  • Lee

    I also feel that you probably wouldn't. I think that if you have any AT&T coverage at all, the device will fall back to 3G or EDGE. So unless AT&T and Verizon sign roaming agreements with each other, then I doubt you'll be able to roam on them. 

  • Mike

    I doubt this is possible. 

    They are competing providers within the same area and by opening the network up they would basically help the competition to gain more customers because of the better geographical service coverage.

    The only situation I in which they might do it is if they have an arrangement to charge the customer for using the foreign network in which case people will probably think about it twice.

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