How do I get apps on my Android with no data plan?
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I recently purchased the Samsung Infuse, but my carrier won’t activate my data plan until the next billing cycle. I want to get iSyncr to move my music over, but my WiFi is tied to my data plan.

Can I download it to my desktop and transfer via USB? Remember that I’ve never signed in with a Google account on my phone, so there will be no phone associated with a Google account.

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Answers (4)
  • 1st Smartphone

    Great tips!  Thanks for the advice!

  • Anonymous

    Guide: Using Android Without a Data Plan - Getting Apps, Moving
    Contacts, and More

  • Mark O’Neill

    I just checked for you.  The developer's website doesn't appear to have the .apk file on their site for direct download to your computer.  

    But apparently their customer support is excellent so I suggest emailing them and asking them for the .apk file to be emailed to you.  Just explain your problem (or email them the link to this page).  I'm sure they will oblige you.  Their email address is on their website (link above).

  • Mark O’Neill

    If you don't have a net connection on your phone or a registered Google account, then using the Android Market is out. The only way I can think of is if the app has a website with the Android .apk file there to be downloaded directly to your computer. Google the app and see if the developer has a website.

    If so, then use a USB cable to move the .apk file over to the phone.  It should then, in theory, work.Remember also to go to Settings on your phone then Applications then enable Unknown Sources to allow installation of non-Market applications.  Otherwise the .apk file you just transferred won't work.

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