Is there one app that can update multiple social accounts and even email groups?

Sherwood Botsford October 27, 2012
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Here’s what I want to do:

1. Schedule FB wall posts to my brand page. These are usually in the form of a picture and commentary. Sometimes the commentary will run 6 column inches designed to start a discussion. Wall updates typically occur 20-30 times per month.

2. Schedule FB Cover Page changes. This happens once a week.

3. Schedule FB Page logo changes. This happens once a week.

4. Schedule a wall post to a bunch of other groups/profiles that have similar interests. E.g. Now and then (once a month) I will post a pic to another group, inviting them to like my brand.

5. Compose and schedule a Note, and publish it in Notes on my brand page at a particular time.

6. Update an album on a given page/group/profile at a particular time.

7. Manage email lists and send out email to members of particular lists at a given time.

I want a calendar view that I can see what is updated when. This calendar view should be able to filter by account network, email group, and so on.

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