What can I do if my AOL account was hacked?
Question by Joel Rubin /
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My AOL account was hacked. How do I clear the problem?

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Answers (12)
  • Linda Buckardt

    I have Cox.

  • Linda Buckardt

    email I can't reply nor forward any email. Last night someone tried to help me get avast installed but we were cut off at 10:05.
    I have a 2005 Mac Mini, OSX 10.4.11.My computer doesn't support Avast as it is too old.
    Last Fri., I called AOL to ask them if the virus would hit my computer and they said 'No." Get help NOW. Or, forward to whomever can help me.

  • Laura

    I hvae this same problem and I even paid for AOL today to get some help. Even though this is affecting all of my friends, family, and co-workers, AOL is refusing to help becaUs eI do not have the answer to a security question. I have also had the account for over a decade so I do not have the original phone number that was used at set-up. Reena on live chat disconnected me three times and she said that there is nothing they can do. I guess it doesn't even help to pay for customer service with AOL. I am so mad that I cannot shut this account down or change my password to protect my friends and family.

  • zilchex

    My team & I offer hacking services.We can hack/recover any email id,FACEBOOK & website servers & grant our clients access..We always provide proof before payment so you know you are not being ripped off.Send me a mail here ---> "zilchex@gmx.com" <---.We try to reply every client ASAP & execute the project in the quickest time-frame possible

    #Patience is the first weapon!!!

  • B2009

    My AOL account has been hacked also! at 3:10 AM on december 25th!

    I wish there was a way to delete my account, viruses and trojens were sent outto my freinds a relatives!

  • Jay

    click on forget password, and if you cant recover your email,
    call 1-855-855-797-3738 as mentioned on the same page.


    Hello, there was a question similar to yours a few months ago.  The link is below, read the comments and I am sure it can help you out.


  • Jeff Fabish

    Hi Joel,

    If you still have access to your email, reset your AOL password. Make sure that you're not using the same password as your AOL on your email to prevent the attacker from gaining access to your email as well. If your email has been compromised, please let me know which provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Msn, etc.) you use to help you regain access.

    For additional security precautions, only do so from a secure computer. You should consider scanning your computer for malware using Malwarebytes (update first, then perform a full scan). Your new password should be strong and not related to your previous password.

    • Jackie

      Hi I have a big problem as my aol email account has been hacked into, but the hackers have also changed my password and security question too. The Aol email address is a free one and aol are saying they cant help me basically. What can I do now please help????

    • Busybusy2000

      This has happen to us too! The hackers changed our security question as well and aol won't help us. Anyone out there ?? Please help us!

    • Jeff Fabish

      Jackie & Busy,

      You will need to speak with an AOL representative . You can contact AOL technical support by phone at 1-800-827-6364 or by their live chat.

      Tell me how it goes!
      - Jeff

    • B2009

      Live chat does not work, unless you PAY!

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