What is the best antivirus and firewall available?
Question by Jay H /
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What is the best antivirus and firewall available? For example is ZoneAlarm any good? Why?

NOT interested in:
– Programs that constantly require a ton of RAM or CPU to function!
– Programs that cannot be disabled temporarily (I hate this)

Thank you for reading!

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Answers (93)
  • vyorel25

    The best antivirus is Bidefender Total Security 2013

  • Sandip

    In my experience comodo firewall is best, it will able to block all types of unauthorised access from any website or application..latest version of comodo firewall is 5


    I don't know about best antivirus.

  • Jishnu

    First of all .Thank You for Posting this question.

    For AV .I choose Kingsoft .Really Light on resource Excellent protection.

    For Firewall Comodo offers great Features .But i like Tiny wall .Again use Tiny wall + Windows Firewall.This is also so light on system resources.

    You can also check my reviews on Best Antivirus and Best Firewalls for 2013 for more options.

    Best Free Antivirus for 2013

  • Webroot Customer

    In my humble opinion and real-life experience in SE Asia which has filthy (fulll of virus, malware, spyware every kind of nasty-ware) internet- and a slow legal apparatus- I have found the best security suites as equal Kaspersky Mega and then I tried Webroot Secure Anywhere. I found both of them very good.
    Webroot is the easier for the non-technci9al minded to operate- very user friendly interface.
    Kaspersky is superb- and the pricing is very attractive but probably caters best for the very technically proficient. It has an excellent customer service forum as well/.
    In terms of stopping hackers- I honestly cannot tell the difference.
    In terms of keeping computer virus free- nothing is perfect you must implement multiple systems and dedicated anti-spyware programs to stay safe as well as properly configuring CCleaner and CCEnhancer to clean all the probable spyware and root-kit installation destinations.

  • Thehunting Lion

    AVG Internet Security ( Paid Version) [or Go, be a pirate.. !]
    One stop solution
    You can Disable it temporarily.
    You can also use alongside with Malwarebytes

  • Abba Jee

    in paid category kaspersky is best
    in free category comodo is best

  • Somaiya Ebrahim

    why dont you just use microsoft security essentials?..its pretty good

  • Peter

    I used to use AVG Free several years ago but had bizarre system/application problems that I believe were associated with AVG crop up from time to time on several different systems. I switched to Microsoft Security Essentials (with the odd supplemental scan using MalwareBytes Free AV) and haven't had a single problem or instance of malware since. HOWEVER, that was around the same time I began conscientiously using the NoScripts extension in Firefox, and I suspect NoScripts can take most of the credit for my perfect record.

    Oh, and for firewalls I just use the NAT/SPI firewall in my routers and the built-in firewalls in Windows XP and Windows 7. I know the XP firewall in incoming only, but I just got tired of dealing with constant alerts. (I used to use ZoneAlarm, and then Sygate, and then Comodo, and then ... basta!)

    I now see that MSE has slipped seriously in prevention rankings, so I'm going to give ZoneAlarm Free Anti-Virus and Firewall and AVG Free Anti-Virus a try in Windows 7, and Avira (with popups disabled) and Avast! a try in Windows XP. If they bug me too much, I'll just go back to MSE. I'm a reasonably safe surfer, I'm cautious about what I download and where I download it from, and I'm not a particularly attractive target. Sometimes "good enough" is more practical than "the best."

  • Tech

    I've been a computer Tech for over 13 years. I hear this question daily. "What is the best antivirus?" When we are dealing with computers and the internet, nothing is 100% when it comes to antivirus. However I've used them all. The only antivirus I will recommend to my customers is Norton Antivirus (Norton antivirus, Norton 360, Norton Internet security). I do not get paid by Symantec (the company that makes Norton) to sell their product either. Long story short, I want my customers to be happy, and I'm in these fixes for the long term. Remember this: There is a reason why all those free antivirus are free. You get what you pay for. Always remember that. I know there is a lot of people that strongly dislike Norton, 99% of the time they hate Norton because it didn't work for them in the past, what people fail to include in their story about Norton is 9 times out of 10, their computer was already compromised long before they installed the Norton product. You have to make sure your computer is not infected with a virus before you install any antivirus or else it's not going to work up to it's 100% potential. Take it from me, spend the money and get a good product. Get Norton. All the free ones are junk and cause more problems then they fix. AVG, Kasperky, MacAfee and many others all have been known to cause more problems then they fix. This is just from my experience, I've worked on thousands of computers.

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