What is the best Android video player that supports .mkv?
Question by Chris /

What’s the best video player for Android that supports .mkv playback?

I gave Mobo Player a spin, it plays the .mkv files, but I can’t seem to change the video size/resolution.

I also tried mVideoPlayer, but I only get sound with a blank/black screen when trying to play the .mkv videos.

Is there anything else I can try?

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Answers (14)
  • Try Dice Player.

    Try Dice player. it has free version and its smooth

  • Charles Guzman

    MX Player pro works well and also supports sub-titles.
    Ive tried rockplayer, moboplayer, mvideo player but none of them perfectly works with an mkv coded videos

  • Dale Huhtala

    I’ve tried everything and only Dice player works well. However, it still doesn’t run smoothly on Tegra 2…it works great on Tegra 3 though (Transformer Infinity).

  • Chintan Sanghavi

    Try RockPlayer Lite

  • healthyemily

    Just google search Step by Step Guide on How to Play 720p, 1080p MKV on Android Phones/Tablets

    You will find a simple solution to successfully play HD MKV in 720p or 1080p on all kinds of Android based smart phones and tablet computers

  • ashish

    i do have hcl me u1 tablet in which i cant run mkv files so plz let me know which media player will help me?

  • Earvin

    None of the Android player changes MKV file size/resolution. What you need is a MKV Converter software that is capable of compressing video and adjusting resolution. Have a try with Pavtube MKV Converter.

  • what the ****

    try kascend player which worked for me

  • Hellomplay

    You may use VPlayer for Android, which has full and real hardware acceleration!

  • Kirti

    I think not any player can play avi,mkv,flv in android,i download many video player like mobo player,mx video player but nothing play videos.

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