Why won’t my Android tablet sync with my PC?
Question by Sharon /

I recently purchased a 7″ Toshiba Android tablet, and would like to sync it with my PC via a USB cord. I read other forums, and checked the “USB debug” box from Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications but my Android tablet is still not syncing to my PC. Any other suggestions?

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Answers (2)
  • Tyler

    Toshiba made a very stupid decision in regards to this. They decided to make a product that doesn’t support file transfer. Apparently you CANNOT connect a Toshiba Tablet to a computer at all.

    I am wondering if there are any programs that will make Windows based PC’s able to use the Toshiba as a file transfer device? Toshiba technical support denied such a program, but I am wondering if anyone else can help.


    Hello, have you tried the following:

    — connect tablet to computer with usb cable
    — find the option for USB connection settings
    — once you go to page for USB connection, look for option Connect via USB
    — click on that button and it should complete connection

    If that doesn’t work, you could read the following link.  Maybe it can help you.