How do I get the Android Market app on my Xperia Ray?
Question by Z. /

I bought my Xperia Ray in China and it has neither the Android market app nor google account in the accounts and sync section.

So I have no access to apps in android market. What can I do to associate my smartphone with a google account?

Will rooting help? Or installing new firmware?

My Xperia Ray has android ver. 2.3.4.

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  • Ezekiel

    Someone help. I can,t download from f market error 500 on experia ray.


    Hello, a nightly is a new version that is in testing.  It has not been released to public yet because it is a developers version.  It usually contains improvements and new options for a build.  In this case, the nightly mentioned there is a version that includes new stuff for  cyanogen 7.1.  You would practicable have to flash your phone again.  I only brought up this option because in the posting it supposedly fixed the issue you are having.  

    • Z.

      Just to make it clear for a dummy like me :) I do the following steps again:“Wipe data/factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition”. Then I install the nighly (instead of Cyanogen Mod) and Google Apps zip again (which I downloaded together with the Cyanogen Mod 7.1 last time).Correct?


      That is right.  fastboot and android sdk are already there.  Just follow same process as before and instead of using cyanogen, use the new build.

    • Z.

      The nightly-thingy worked like a charm!
      I now have an awesome new ROM and full access to the android market.
      Thank you so much for your help and your patience!


      Hello, I am glad your phone is running good and has market access now. 


    Hello, you could try the following firmware update at your own risk.  Make sure to follow instructions carefully and also, make sure to backup before starting anything:

    To install market and other google apps, you will have to flash the google add-on.  Check the second answer in thread.  It posts a direct link for flashing google add-on and instructions:

    • Z.

      Hello,Thank you!
      I’ve also come to a decision that this should be the best solution.I have actually started following the first link, but stumbled upon a problem when trying to unlock the bootloader, the command promt doesn’t recognise ”fastboot -i 0x0fce getvar version”.Do you have any suggestions?


      Hello, just checking, did you install the android SDK in your computer?  Try navigating to android SDK program file and locate the fastboot.exe entry.  Make sure to write down/remember the path to it.  You might have to change the path when you type the command.  Make sure android SDK is installed in your computer and also make sure that nothing is blocking it.  Make sure firewalls/antivirus is disabled in your computer when trying this.  Usually when you get the error you are getting is because there is no program/command installed in your system.

      You could try installing fastboot in your computer by following the next instructions in link.  You already have the android SDK, so it is just a matter of executing the file:

      Let me know how it goes

    • Z.

      You are right – I used the wrong path in the command prompt. Apparently there are 2 “tools” folders. I have now successfully unlocked the bootloader and am in process of installing the cyanogen 7.1 on my smartphone.
      I’ll report back with the results.
      Thank you so much for your help!
      P.S. the link you posted for ADB and fastboot is just fantastic! I wish I got hold of it before I went through ages of installing the SDK pack. :)

    • Z.

      Hi again,
      I am now through the whole process. It seemed to go smoothly, except that after I rebooted the system in the last step – it it started boot looping and wouldn’t stop unless I remove the battery.
      What do I do now?


      Hello, is this what you are getting?  If it is, you might try the options given there:

      Let me know if it works.

    • Z.

      Do you mean this suggestion:

      ” pull the battery, and the SD card, and put the latest nightly( when I did it a couple of days ago) on the SD. Then try again using that image”

      Could you explain what is a nightly and what exactly do I do with it?

  • Anonymous

    Root Froyo and Gingerbread Devices using zergRush Exploit
    Xperia Ray  is mentioned so possibly will zergRush exploit  work

    if you feel good using the method mentioned in your link then go for it.

  • Anonymous

    you can try this if you wish

    rooting can help, but do it with an expert

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