What is the best Android cellphone under 200 US Dollars?
Question by Osama Javaid /
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What is the latest and best Android cellphone under 200 US Dollars? All form-factors are fine for me.

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Answers (38)
  • Rohit Pandey

    htc wildfire....samsung ace duos............micromax canvas

  • Abba Jee

    Samsung Glaxy GS-5360Y, YDuos

  • Alex Meyer

    I would recommend the Droid Razr. Not the Droid Razr Maxx. It is about $89.99. I find its very fast for the price. Faster than the new Iphone 5.

  • Cyra Calkhoven

    Samsung galaxy S. I have it and its a great phone, Not easy to break. :)

  • garva

    Micromax A110 Is The Best Smartphoone under 200$ it has a 5i nch ips display and a Dual core processor and also a very high cpu which handle all hd game it is a really best device

  • Easton Wiki

    Wait till black friday and get the SGS3 for like $0.96cents from Sams club (what i did last year for SGS2)

  • Harshal Warkhede

    Samsung galaxy Y
    Samsung galaxy Chat

    • Rajaa Chowdhury

      Yo, I use the Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330 and pretty satisfied with it. It is one of the few smartphones, which give both touchscreen option and a qwerty keypad. I opted for it as being an oldie guy :P, used to qwerty. But to be honest, I do find the Sony Xperia Tipo a more capable phone at almost the same pricepoint (1K INR more for the Sony).

  • Kannon Y

    Have you thought about picking up a refurbished Nexus One? The drivers are officially supported by Google and there's already a highly developed support community where you can get lots of custom ROMs and other neat things.

    Considering that you can also get an extended warranty for around $20 USD extra, it's quite a good deal, since it guarantees you another year of operation.

    As with all unlocked phones you can use them with a prepaid plan and save tons of money, if you use the phone lightly.

    However, it may interest you that the LG Nexus 4 is easily the best UNLOCKED phone I've ever seen for $299 USD. I know that's a hundred dollars more than you were willing to pay, but with a prepaid plan, sometimes you can get a more expensive phone because of the monthly savings.

  • VS Vishnu

    xperia tipo

  • Raja Pradeep

    Sony Xperia tipo

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